With GRRRL we have challenged the curfew. We refuse to comply with schedules. And we also do it climbing on a few fluorine heels and with the shortest of the skirts. What happens if with some traits of femininity we fail to fulfill others? We do not want a compact vision, but a set of ingredients, so in GRRRL one of the main challenges has been the reuse of garments and the recycling of materials to create 300 unisex garments and unique and limited edition accessories, created from scraps and other textile waste and fittings.

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  • Original idea: Las Culpass
  • Recording, Direction and Assembly: Derek V. Bulcke
  • Production: Alexandra Cánovas Del Rey, Martaé Martínez Martínez
  • Animation: Violeta Sánchez Ros
  • Art direction: Las Culpass
  • Makeup And Hairdressing: Blanca Aulló, Eloisa Albarracín,Irene Uñitas La Peor
  • Still Photo: María Caparrós, Laura Turpín

  • CAST:
  • Ms Fighter: May Von Crápula
  • Foxy: Yelo
  • Iron: Gorka Pérez
  • La Jef: You Misuri
  • Voice-over: Derek V. Bulcke
  • Gamer: Marta “é” Martínez Martínez