• “There is another way to do things and we want people to know it.”

    Alexandra Cánovas & Martaé Martínez
  • Las CulpaSS employs discourse that subverts ideas about women and femininity. We seek to challenge stereotypes and traditional gender roles, denouncing the inequality, subjugation, and frustration experienced by women who, being fully conscious of their rights, see them denied time and again by a patriarchal model of reality—a model whose social, economic and political evolution lags behind current thinking.

    We are a feminist fashion brand with a DIY ethos. We believe in ethical production, up-cycling, show fashion and community engagement. Our collections feature feminist motifs and are intended to spread those ideas everywhere. We produce small runs of limited-edition apparel in our small studio and showroom in Murcia, Spain. We take inspiration from irreverence and irony when designing our unisex t-shirts, clothes, and accessories. This is a brand that allows you to say what you think. It’s fashion as a form of rebellion, using normal, everyday clothes: a t-shirt, a handbag, a shoulder bag or a fanny pack, all serving to reject established gender stereotypes.