Holsters made in collaboration with the Amafrica Association. Printed fabric from the Ivory Coast with very resistant black polypropylene straps and matt black nylon trimmings. Screen-printed piece on the back in light grey.

Size of each side pocket: 32cm x 20cm.

Part of the profits from the sale of these holsters (11€ specifically) will go to the Asoc. Amafrica, which aims at some of these points:

1. Create a space for meeting and dialogue between women for learning, promoting solidarity and mutual and social support.

2. Promote the citizen participation of women.

3. Work on situations of discrimination based on sexism and racism.

4. Facilitate the empowerment of women.

5. Develop awareness programs on prejudices and stereotypes related to immigration and gender.

6. Create a time for teaching and linguistic exchange between women.

7. Develop programs for women’s health.

8. Promote access to social and health resources.

9. Prevent and intervene in situations of violence against women.

10. Improve the quality of life of women through social support groups and networks.

11. Develop artistic and socio-cultural activities for equal opportunities, leisure, free time and community intercultural animation.

If you want a special size, do not hesitate to write us!


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