• Activism, sew y sing

    Last February we created a workshop for students at the Murcia School of Design’s Fashion Design department. It was based on the idea that everything we consume has repercussions that directly affect the economic and political reality in which we live. Students were able to explore fashion and all of its aspects as a vehicle for activism, protest and sociopolitical action..

    ONE LAND is the result of the workshop, which focuses on the human conflicts and questions of solidarity that the European community must face when making agreements and establishing borders. During the process each student chose one of the borders that control the flow of migrants toward the center of Europe (Spain-Morocco, Macedonia-Greece, Bulgaria-Turkey, Greece-Turkey, Hungary-Serbia, Slovenia-Croatia) to express their own opinion and create consciousness of the issue.

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Directed and edited by: Carlota Más

Special thanks to ESD (Advanced Design School of Murcia) and The Regional Library of Murcia

Students participants: Maria Jose Bernal Rocío Guerrero Díaz Elizabeth Montero Maria Consuelo Rodriguez Carlos De Ramón Ruiz