C-FEM Festival

The European Fantastic Film Festival of Murcia (C-FEM) began in December 2012. This first edition of the festival took place in five locations: the Regional Film Archive, the Puertas de Castilla cultural center, the Azotea Association, the Nueva Condomina shopping center and the FNAC Forum. These venues hosted projections of the National Short Film Competition, the European Fantastic Film Series, as well as various “off-cinema” activities (concerts, live-music soundtracks, forums…) which were a success with the press and audiences. The festival was sponsored by Nueva Condomina Obra Social, Jameson and FNAC, with collaboration from 12 y Medio and Creatia y la Causa. It was organized by Madymad Cultural Management.

The 5th edition of C-FEM was held in 2016. By then, the festival had established itself as a reference point for creators and lovers of fantastic cinema throughout Europe. The theme for the event’s fifth year was the end of the world, with Cthulhu destroying the city’s Old Bridge and everything else in its path.

In this edition of the festival Las CulpaSS had the pleasure of designing the official t-shirt for the event, making sure everyone was well dressed for the End of Days.

The direct predecessors of the C-FEM were two local horror film competitions held in 2009 and 2010. They were sponsored by FNAC, Nueva Condomina, and CINESA. The José García Jiménez Foundation served as a collaborative partner. These two contests were well received by the public and the press, which encouraged the organization to create a more ambitious event with its own personality.

And so C-FEM was born, serving as a hub for the world of fantastic cinema in Europe, featuring work made exclusively in the Old Continent. It was created in a time of crisis with the goal of increasing the amount of quality films and cultural offerings in the region of Murcia, as well as promoting sustainable growth.