MONSTRUANTES was the name of a residency that took place inside Murcia’s artillery barracks, where we created a clothing line inspired by menstruation. This theme was explored by viewing feminist- oriented publications and documentaries as well as hosting talks and discussion groups that helped develop new attitudes about periods, offering viewpoints and experiences from both genders. As designers, we used this space to develop our PERIOD OF WAR collection, while alternating this work with seminars, talks, workshops and documentary screenings. Both aspects of the project were worked on in parallel to encourage a collective consciousness of the de-naturalization and censoring of menstruation. Our goal was to find an alternative point of view to the one imposed by mainstream culture. At the end of the residency we presented the fruit of our labor: the collection PERIOD OF WAR, which we shared with the world via a DIY fashion show using nonprofessional models, promoting diverse body types inside and outside the industry.