Pasión Pasolini is a montage staged on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the murder of the multi-talented Italian artist Pier Paolo Pasolini, one of the most important events of the “Pasolini Murcia 2015” project, promoted by Professor Edi Liccioli. Pier Paolo, his experiences, his poetry, his cinema, the ancestral, the lost … are passages through which Pasolini travels his own life and work, as if it were a daydream, and thanks to this costume we were nominated for the best costumes in the Orange blossom prizes to the performing arts.

Artistic and technical sheet:

Cast: Andrés López Muñoz, Javier Mula López,

Mónica Adán Rodríguez, Marina Rubiales Martínez y Saúl Antón Candela.

Figurinism and costumes: Las CulpaSS

Characterization: Séréna Graziussi

Sound space: Pablo López Jordán

Mapping and video creation: Ángel Castillo

Audiovisual technician: Francisco José Zapata Sánchez

Dramaturgist: Edi Liccioli

Deputy address: Carlos Roi