Segismundo’s Dream

Segismundo’s Dream is a work of theater that incorporates circus performance, immersing us in a dreamworld where the main character, Segismundo, is trying to discover what is real and what is a dream. The spectator is invited to take a journey through the tiny doors that lead to the most intimate sanctuary of our soul. Theater, circus, dance, experimental music and video art: a multi-faceted performance where representation is hidden in exhibition and vice-versa. The result is a dynamic game which, from the first moment, offers spectators the opportunity to enter a zone of interpretive risk and new aesthetic possibilities.

  • Cast: Alberto Soro, Flor Martínez, Marina Rubiales, Nazareth Martín, Guimelh Amaro, Sergio Palomares, Juan Pedro Martínez.
  • Special colaboration: Enrique Martínez.
  • Light and stage technician: Pedro A Bermejo.
  • Music: Adrian Moreno, José Perelló.
  • Visual art: Germán Rama.
  • Costume: LasCulpass.
  • Scenography: Juan Pedro Martínez Lanjara, Nana Pez.
  • Written and directed by: Theor Román.